The Bear

Is a very good friend of mine, and he now has his own blog – which you should all follow.

If I were to… actually, it’s probably best if I just let him explain himself;

“I walk and talk at speed, perpetually trying (and often failing) to be funny, I can’t help but lower the tone at times.
I’m trying to forge my way through life and understand where I fit in with it, meanwhile getting sidetracked with exciting projects, theories, enthusiastic flights of fancy and the like.
In honesty, I don’t know where I’m going with what I’m doing.
I do know that I’m enjoying a lot of it, despairing at some, and occasionally just wishing I’d done it all differently.
Recently I’ve re-discovered my enjoyment of punk and hardcore, decided I should’ve paid more attention in Science lessons at school, taken up snowboarding, and trying to find people around me who want to talk about interesting and thought provoking things, rather than how drunk they’ll get at the weekend, how drunk they got last weekend etc….
I’m outspoken, over opinionated, loud, brash and enthusiastic like a child, and consequently, I often rub people the wrong way on first appearances. Though, given the chance, they realise that in fact, I’m pretty awesome!”

Incidentally, as soon as I get copy and paste on the next software update on my phone, I’ll be posting some of the texts he’s sent me over the years.


One thought on “The Bear

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  1. Please, for the love of god. Only choose the ones that make me appear humorous, charismatic, intelligent and sophisticated.
    I know, it’ll be a struggle. But try….

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