Tsutomu Yamaguchi

I read about Tsutomu Yamaguchi a few years ago – actually it was nearer 15 years ago – and I never forgot his remarkable story.

Occasionally, when I was stuck for things to talk about, I’d find myself telling people about him. But the more and more I told the story, the less I believed it. I’d be halfway through and would get a ‘look’ back like “this is unbelievable”, and I started to think well maybe it didn’t happen.

The one thing that I couldn’t do was refer back to where I read the story as it was in a newspaper. I hadn’t kept it, I couldn’t remember which newspaper, or exactly when it was from, and I couldn’t remember his name.

But I’ve been rescued by The Bear, for somehow, he found out the gentleman’s name. Mr. Tsutomu Yamaguchi.

Click here to read his story.


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