Am I a snob?

Or is it that I just wasn’t brought up by idiots?

I am forced to listen to a pretty awful local radio station at work. I think they only have 10 songs, none of which are good, and the adverts are the most annoying and repetitive things I have ever heard. And then last week someone changed the channel. Now it’s still a local station, it’s still pretty awful – although, by the sounds of it, they have double the amount of songs to play than the previous station – and it still has adverts, which is what I want to talk about here.

I caught the end of one the other day, and immediately questioned as to whether I had just imagined it or not. So for the rest of the day I made a point of listening out for the adverts to run, and then I caught it in full. Now I don’t want to get into a debate about this and as to whether or not the radio station in question are being socially responsible, but it was for the morning after pill which I found a little bit surprising. But then I heard another advert, which blew all thoughts about that one clean out of my head. It was an advert, by the the radio station themselves, giving advice to parents;

Don’t try and feed your kids as much as you, because they’re smaller.

Do people really need to be told this? Are they really that stupid?


One thought on “Am I a snob?

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  1. I didn’t realise you could get Touch FM all the way out in Redditch? haaa. What a pile of garbage that is. Drives me mad. I’ve never felt inclined to murder before…..though now…’s different. I can feel it inside.

    Further more. I want to hear those adverts, for I cannot possibly believe they actually exist. Only as you get closer to Brum I guess….

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