The shape of things to come?

Again, if you’re not upto date with season 5 of Lost then please don’t read this.

It looks like we’ve whitnessed a change in Lost.

During this weeks episode as Ajira Airways Flight 316 was coming in to make it emergency landing in 2007, we heard The Numbers being said over the radio. Which shouldn’t be possible because they were  replaced by Rousseau’s distress signal in 1988 when her boat shipwrecked on The Island. We also saw a rather rundown Dharma Town when Sun and Frank went to the main island looking for Jin, what was interesting about this was that there were Dharma signs hanging on some of the buildings and photos from the Dharma era still on display. All of which we have never seen before when the town was occupied by The Others. So, has something changed? Is this an alternate timeline? Is Faraday wrong about “Whatever happened happened”?


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  1. I am well aware of just how much of a geek I’ve made myself sound with this post, I have no excuse.

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