If you’ve yet to see any of season 5 of Lost, stop reading.

This occurred to me yesterday, and I had a chat to Martin about it last night, and I think this may have some legs.

The Island no longer exists.

When Ben turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel at the end of season 4 The Island disappeared.

At the beginning of season 5 we see that either the Losties, or The Island, were left skipping back and forward through time until Lock turned the FDW again.

Mrs. Hawking, told them that she was looking ‘when’ The Island is, and not where The Island is.

And finally, when the Oceanic 6 returned they ended up in the same time as the Losties that had been left behind.

So it would appear that it was The Island that was moving, and not the  Losties. So at some point The Island wasn’t there. And since it has a Hydrogen bomb on it, I’m betting that it’s in it’s future that it doesn’t exist.

Does this make this make sense…?

Those of you wanting to read more about Lost should visit Jay Glatfelters blog at the Huffington Post.


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