An update on my car:
Two weeks ago, on the drive back from work, the windscreen wiper linkage in my car siezed and burnt out the windscreen wiper motor. I then had to wait an entire week to get it fixed, and then the mechanic accidentally broke a plastic joint in the coolant system. This went completely unnoticed for two days, until on the drive back from work the car overheated. It did it because it was losing engine coolant, which meant the engine was hotter than it should be, which meant that it lost more coolant, which meant… you get the idea. It has caused me so much stress this week; my engine’s cooked, is my car dead? Am I going to be able to get to and from work? And it was all because of a clumsy mechanic and a small plastic pipe.
So, I’m going to learn a bit more about mechanicing (please note; that I didn’t use the word ‘try,’ and that I am aware that mechanicing isn’t actually a word). So that I can look after my own car, and not get stressed out every time something goes wrong.


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