A letter to Graham Linehan:

Moss dressed up as C3-PO, without the faceplate, still wearing his glasses, trying to get away from security guards.

No doubt you read rubbish like this all the time which is why I put that first. So even if the rest of this goes un-read, at least I’ll have put that image in your head.

Most of it has disappeared from my head, but the other morning I woke from a dream which I thought had simply been the memory of an episode of The IT Crowd. The details are now very hazy, but throughout the episode Roy and Moss were playing a game called Miner in which they try to claim that something that clearly doesn’t belong to them is in fact theirs and always has been. Roy’s claims are funny, at least to the two of them, like claiming that Jen’s office is in fact his. They laugh, Roy moves on to the next object, but Moss finds himself getting more and more frustrated that he can’t better Roy. In the end Moss ends up going for something completely and utterly ridiculous, and thinks (in at least his own head) that he’s getting away with it. C3-PO’s outfit. I can’t remember where he gets it from or how he gets into it but the image of him trying to get away from the security guards (of wherever it is), being completely hindered by the outfit (only being able to walk/canter like C3-PO does, when he should be running), will stay with me for quite some time.

I think this comes from once watching a documentary years ago with my sister, and finding it hilarious as to how freaked out she got when someone took off C3-PO’s face to reveal Anthony Daniels. Incidentally, she had no problem at all with Kenny Baker being bolted into R2-D2.

So, did you make it to the end?


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