ломо 383 - Fuji + Sulgrave Stores.


A well deserved long weekend has meant that I’ve finally been able to put in some good miles on the bike, and begin to try and catch up on my target. Despite the unseasonal weather I’ve tried to push myself as much as I can and have managed to achieve my most successful Strava Segment ride to date, and my first KOM… albeit, for a relatively short downhill section, and shared with four other riders… but still. I’m going to have to get out more, and I will definitely be commuting more. Well, not more often but longer distances when I start my new job in a couple of weeks time at Ubyk in Oxford. More on this soon, but for more info on the Ubyk Oxford Store visit Ubyk on Facebook.


instagram 132 - first commute of the year

I rode to work this morning, for the first time this year. I’m woefully behind target, and have an endless list of excuses as to why. I will definitely be commuting more, and will definitely be doing some far longer commutes to get myself back on track.

Here’s the link to my Strava profile to see how I get along.


Holga 116.

A few new snaps up on Flickr;

fujicolour reala 100

A few Holga snaps from a roll I started in September. I actually only finished it in January, in the snow, and it then got lost on the way to developers… Clearly, thankfully, it finally found it’s way there and these are the results. None of the ones I took in the snow came out, only 4 in total did. And I only really like the 3 of them.

Click here for more.


On Saturday the 12th of January, I went out on my first ride of the year. It was also my first ride in just over 2 months. Which is pathetic. I rode for just 19.2 miles, with an average speed of just 14.6mph. Which (to repeat an earlier sentence) is pathetic. To be fair, I did then go out the following day and ride another 31 miles, but with an even slower average speed.

This morning I came across a tweet and thought, I could do that… Well, should do that. 2013 miles in 2013. Last year I did 1,659 miles. Which was without trying. So 2013 should be doable… I just need to find where I left my riding legs.

Oh, here’s the link to my Strava profile to see how I’m getting along.

My fascination: Making diagrams.

It’s been quite some time, and I fear that I will leave you waiting a little while longer until the next proper instalment of ‘My fascination:’

However, I went to the cinema last night to see Looper and just had to tell you to go and see it. So that, at the very least, I can write about it without spoiling anything. And, to be fair, so that I can properly get my head around it.

You see, just for a moment, I found that I’d stopped giving my full attention to what was happening on the screen, as I was trying to bend my head around the mechanics of what had happened to the protagonist Joe. It was quickly restored however when Joe said this, to himself, “I don’t want to talk about time travel because if we start talking about it then we’re going to be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws…”

To be continued…

Goodbye old friend.

I follow quite a few bike blogs and micro-blogs, and whilst in the most part they’re brilliantly constructed and written, all they end up doing is making you want to buy the latest… whatever. Which is a road I don’t think I’d ever want to go down. However…

On Sunday, as the weather outside continued to disappoint, I took care of some much needed bike maintenance on the Fuji. I replaced the brake-blocks, stem-cap, finally replaced the bottom bracket (which hopefully will put an end to the clicking), and retired my rear tyre. Now, normally I wouldn’t give this a second thought. I didn’t tell you when I replaced my rear tyre three times in the first five months of last year. So why have I stopped to think about this particular tyre, and why are am I bothering you with it? Well, you see, this tyre has suffered more abuse than any tyre I have ever owned. And, whats more, has never let me down… never mind it’s self.

“We need to all buy Gatorskins,” said The Bear, whilst we we’re preparing for The Ride last year. At the time I still had the tyres that came with the bike, and whilst they were starting to show signs of wear they were doing okay. I had seen The Bear wreck a pair of Continentals on a 70 mile bike ride earlier in the year, and he was currently on another set of Conti’s but still suffered from the odd puncture. Kens bike had come with Conti’s and seemed to be plagued by punctures. What made Gatorskins so special…? Before I looked for them in a shop, I expected them to be expensive. They are not, at all… so what makes them special…? Well I know of six that have gone from one end of the country to the other without getting a single puncture. The rear tyres in particular also had to deal with the weight of, and the slowing down of the trailer we towed. Mine, in particular, had to contend with a far too steep descent with at that point a very overloaded trailer. Since then, it’s seen me through an entire year of riding… and still no punctures.

It’s such a shame that I’ve now had to replace the rear one, but it had started to become a little transparent in the centre. However, there is no prize for guesing what I have replaced it with.

If you ride roadie, buy a pair of Gatorskins. You will not regret it.

The breakfast of champions.

It’s been a year, exactly in fact, since we set off from John o’ Groats to Lands End. Since then, when riding on my own mostly, I’ve thought back to some of the things we saw and what we went through along the way. However, it always seems to be the odd things that I’d forgotten about;

The birds stood, completely still, at the side of the road, in the pouring rain, on the climb up to the campsite in Chepstow.

The massive white bird that flew across the road on our last day in Scotland. And it was huge, no idea what flavour, an Albatross maybe…?

Stopping at the side of quite a major road, clambering up an embankment and going through a gate into a field for a wee. Only to find, halfway though, that there was a deer stood just meters from me watching what I was doing.

But, finally, was the fact that with the exception of just two mornings we started each day with a Pot Noodle. When we’d planned the ride food didn’t really come into it. So once on the road the majority of our refuelling stops happened at petrol stations, and where therefor left with little choice as to what to buy. Why then, when we happened to spend a few nights in Travelodges did we still plump for Pot Noodles…? I’m a little unsure of. How they managed to keep us going each day, is completely beyond me, but they worked.